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What is an A Record?

Definition of an A Record (updated 964 days ago)

DNS Record Definitions

What are the commonly used DNS entries? (updated 294 days ago)

What is a CNAME

Definition of a CNAME (updated 1023 days ago)

What is a TXT Record

Definition of a TXT Record (updated 976 days ago)

What is an MX Entry

Definition of an MX Entry (updated 965 days ago)

.FR Registrar Cannot Point Nameservers to Bluehost

Why am I unable to point the nameservers for my .FR domain to Bluehost? (updated 967 days ago)

Time Zone Adjustment

How can I change the reported Time Zone using PHP? (updated 1518 days ago)

Icelandic Domains Cannot Point Nameservers to

ISNIC is giving me the following error about my domain: Unable to transfer zone DOMAIN.IS from ( Unable to transfer zone DOMAIN.IS from ns2. (updated 1193 days ago)

Pointing domain to Wix's service

How I do point my domain to my Wix account? (updated 1309 days ago)

Wildcard Subdomains or DNS

Do you support wildcard subdomains or wildcard DNS entries? (updated 911 days ago)

How to setup an MX Record

How to use the DNS Zone Editor to create a new MX Record (updated 1211 days ago)

What is an SRV Record

Definition of an SRV Record (updated 964 days ago)

What is an AAAA Record

A definition of AAAA Records (updated 964 days ago)