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Managing Databases via Command Line (SSH)

This article will instruct you how to export a database from the command line (SSH). (updated 591 days ago)

MySQL Database Import via Command Line

How do I import a database using command line? (SSH) (updated 1002 days ago)

SSH Access

Is SSH/Shell access enabled by default? (updated 1176 days ago)

SSH Connections

What is SSH and how do I setup secure connections. (updated 953 days ago)

MySQL Import and Export

I need to Export or Import a MySQL database (updated 590 days ago)

SSH Commands

Here is a good list of basic SSH commands. (updated 794 days ago)

Using SSH on Windows (PuTTY)

How do I create a Public/Private Key Pair in cPanel for use via SSH? (updated 745 days ago)

FTP setup using Secure FTP (SFTP)

How do I use a secure FTP connection? (updated 862 days ago)

MySQL dump of tables only, no data

I would like to dump the Table Structure for my MySQL Database, but none of the data. (updated 2000 days ago)

Slow FTP

Why does my FTP connection slow down? (updated 1983 days ago)

Mysql connections with a dynamic (changing) IP Address using ssh/putty ect

Users having problems connecting to mysql database using SSH and/or putty/other client. (updated 1715 days ago)

Find and replace across multiple files

How to edit several individual pages to replace a string of text e.g. update the phone number on the footer of every page on your site. (updated 2025 days ago)

SSH Access - Generating a Public/Private Key

How to generate and use SSH Keys (updated 460 days ago)

SSH/Shell access for Resold account(s)?

How to enable/turn on SSH access for Resold accounts (updated 148 days ago)