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How to Change Email SMTP Port from 25 to 26

How can I change the outgoing SMTP port from 25 to 26? (updated 1418 days ago)

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Cannot Send but can Receive Email

Explanantion as to what causes this the happen and how to fix it. (updated 437 days ago)

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Email Returned Error: Speed Limit Exceeded

Why do my email messages keep getting returned? (updated 1637 days ago)

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I cannot send email from Outlook 2003, receive is working.

You can try sending the email on port 26, which is an alternate SMTP port and see if that works for you. For outlook: (updated 332 days ago)

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Failed sending email from phpBB2

The most common cause is that you are either sending to or sending from an invalid email address. You will want to create a new email address, and change your profile to use a different Email address. (updated 1661 days ago)

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VPS or Dedicated Hosting - Modify Exim Port (Mail Transfer Agent)

How to modify the Exim Port (Mail Transfer Agent) in the WHM (updated 304 days ago)