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Absolute Path to Account/Domain

What is the absolute path to my site? (updated 1792 days ago)

Stopping Display of All files on Web page

How to Stop A Directory Index From Being Shown (updated 1200 days ago)

Avoiding index.html

How do I display my home page which is using a name other than index.html? (updated 1200 days ago)

Restrict Access to Addon Domains through the Main Domain

I do not want to see How do I do that? (updated 1130 days ago)

PHP Virtual Directory support

Virtual directory support for PHP. (updated 2120 days ago)

Mail Directory Sub Folders

An expanded explanation of what the main mail sub folders are, such as cur, new and tmp. (updated 946 days ago)

Log Locations On Dedicated/VPS

A list of common log files and their locations. (updated 104 days ago)