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MySQL Database Import via Command Line

How do I import a database using command line? (SSH) (updated 1007 days ago)

SSH Access

Is SSH/Shell access enabled by default? (updated 1183 days ago)

503 Error - No longer able to send email and no changes were made

"503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA" (updated 1009 days ago)

Specify a Cron Job to use a Specific php.ini File

Script executed with a cron job requires a specific php.ini file to be used. (updated 811 days ago)


Troubleshooting with telnet on different operating systems? (updated 1779 days ago)

Find and replace across multiple files

How to edit several individual pages to replace a string of text e.g. update the phone number on the footer of every page on your site. (updated 2032 days ago)