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SiteLock Lite

SiteLock Lite is being added to all new hosting accounts. SiteLock Lite is a free malware scanner that searches for malware by scanning the sitemap of your website for infections.

Benefits of SiteLock Lite:

  • Early Detection - You'll receive an immediate email alert if malware is detected.
  • Avoid Blacklists - With early detection, you can act promptly to remove the malware and keep clear of search engine blacklists.

SiteLock Lite is a free product with great benefits, but upgrading to SiteLock Find, Fix, or Prevent can give you additional security and peace of mind:

Features of SiteLock Find, Fix, or Prevent:

  • Daily Malware Detection Scan
  • Vulnerability scanning options.
  • File Change Monitoring.
  • Database SQL Scanning.
  • Targeted Attack Blocking.
  • Malicious Bot Protection.
  • Reputation Management (business, phone number, spam, ssl, domain, or postal mail verification).
  • SiteLock CDN or Web Application Firewall.
  • Access to the SiteLock Dashboard.

Q. Will this cause my site to run slow?

This is a lightweight http scan that shouldn't cause any noticeable load on your site.

Q. How can I cancel the scan?

To cancel the free scan, please email The scan will be removed on the following business day.

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