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Office 365: DNS

In order to purchase Office 365 with us, your domain must first be pointed to Bluehost name servers. This is so that Microsoft can verify that you own your domain before attaching an email address to it. By ensuring ownership of your domain, we are able to protect you from fraudulent activity against it.

If you purchased your domain through Bluehost, it will automatically be pointed to our name servers. However, if you purchased your domain elsewhere and have not since pointed your domain to our name servers, you will need to update them in order for Office 365 to begin working.

How to point your name servers to Bluehost:

  1. In the left navigation, click on Domains.
  2. Select the Name Servers tab in the bottom right Summary box.
  3. Copy the name server information (see example below, your settings may vary)
  4. Navigate to the registrar whose name servers your domain currently points to, and change the name servers to those listed above.

Transfer your domain to Bluehost:

Alternately, you can transfer your domain to Bluehost so that your domain is no longer registered through the third party registrar from whom you purchased. For more information on transferring your domain to Bluehost, see Transfer Your Domain to us.

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