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How do I stream Real Audio and Video Files?


Bluehost does not provide an actual RealAudio server. We provide a reasonable "streaming" method for providing RealAudio and RealVideo content.

Copy your encoded RealAudio or RealVideo files (.rm or .ra) to your web site via FTP. (Make sure to use BINARY/RAW mode.)

In order for a Real Audio file to properly "stream" from your server, you will need two files - one with a .ra or .rm extension (this is the actual Real Audio file which contains all the data) and a second file with a .ram extension. This file is referred to as a 'metafile', which simply means that it points to another file).

The first file (the one with the .ram extension) is simply a pointer to the second file (the one with the .ra or .rm extension, which is the actual Real Audio file). This first file (the metafile) is the one that will be called from your web page and it is what allows the Real Audio Clips to "stream".

You will need to create the file with the .ram extension (the metafile) yourself. To do this, create the .ram file with the URL pointing to the .ra file: The .ram file should contain:

Now calling the .ram file in a web browser would cause the Real Audio file to "stream".

Reference the .ram file (metafile) in a hyperlink. You may use either relative or complete paths to your .ram file. If you use complete paths, you must include both the hostname and the complete path.

Now when a visitor to your website clicks on the link, the file will begin to play for them almost immediately.

Note: For more information please see RealNetwork's Web Site.

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