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SpamExperts Spam and Virus Filtering

What is SpamExperts

SpamExperts provides advanced filtering algorithms and spam pattern detection to eliminate 99.98% of all inbound, unsolicited bulk email. Save time, eliminate wasted disk space and protect your hosting service from junk email and email threats.

SpamExperts works on all email accounts for each domain you select. Simply select the domains you want to protect. We'll automatically set up the necessary changes to route all of your inbound email to go through the SpamExperts email filtering system before it reaches your hosting service. While SpamExperts works at the domain level, you may also setup rules for individual email addresses. When someone sends an email to a domain that uses SpamExperts, the email goes initially to the SpamExperts mail server. From there, the message is filtered and any that are marked as spam are discarded or quarantined based on the users settings.

SpamExperts requires that mail be relayed through external servers, using MX Entries. Those who have custom MX will not be able to enable SpamExperts.

Getting Started with SpamExperts

SpamExperts can easily be enabled from your Bluehost Control Panel.

  1. Login to your Bluehost Control Panel
  2. Click the SpamExperts icon, located in the Mail section of the cPanel.
  3. Check the box, to the left of your domain name, to enable SpamExperts for all the email addresses under that domain name.
  4. The Install SpamExperts button
  5. Click the Add to Cart button to begin the check out process.
  6. Once you are done with the checkout process go back to the SpamExperts page.

    To return to the SpamExperts page, click the Home tab and then the SpamExperts icon.

  7. The table should have updated where you can now see that SpamExperts is Active. Now click the Install link to begin installing SpamExperts.
    The Install SpamExperts button

Once done SpamExperts will be installed for all email accounts under that domain. To manage your SpamExperts settings simply click the SpamExperts icon and choose Manage.

The Install SpamExperts button

Using SpamExperts

Now that SpamExperts has been enabled you will need to create a User Profile, click the button below to learn how to create the User Profile.

Create a User Profile
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