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Domain Registry Transfer to another person


To transfer the ownership of your domain to another person, you will need to disable (pause) whois privacy, unlock your domain and retrieve the EPP code.

Disabling Whois Privacy

  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Choose the Domains tab
  3. Select the domain that you wish to modify (on the left side of your screen)
  4. Click the privacy tab (on the right side)
  5. Click the button that says to pause domain privacy
  6. Next Click the tab labeled "contacts" (on the right side)
  7. Update the information listed and click the button "update contact information"

Unlocking the Domain

  1. Following the above steps, you shoold still be in the Domain Manager with your domain selected
  2. Click the Lock tab to the right of your domain name
  3. Click the button "Unlock Your Domain"
Obtaining the EPP code
  1. In the Domain Manager, select the Transfer EPP tab to the right of your domain name
  2. Copy the code which is the key to allow transfer.

Once done you will need to contact the new owner and provide them the EPP code. Let them know they can now request the domain to transfer to any Domain registrar of their choosing and setup domain hosting in their name.

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