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FrontPage Publishing to Addon Domains without the Main Password

In 2006 Microsoft discontinued support for the FrontPage Extensions. We have decided to no longer provide for FrontPage Extensions and recommend that you use FTP or WebDAV instead.


How can I publish via FrontPage to an addon domain without using my main domain password?


FTP accounts can be used to publish using FrontPage Extensions. Here's how to set it up.

First, we need to have an addon domain or subdomain to work from. Make sure you have one installed on your account. Take note of the folder that the addon or subdomain is attached to.

Once that is setup, make sure the FrontPage extensions are NOT installed for the addon or subdomain. This can be done through the FrontPage extensions section of the control panel.

Next, create an FTP account through the FTP Manager in your control panel. The username and password can be whatever you like, but make sure the folder matches the folder your addon or subdomain is attached to.

Once complete, install/reinstall the FrontPage extensions on the domain.

The setup steps are now complete. From here, simply open your FrontPage program, and then open the site or The username will now be the username you created earlier for the FTP account, and does not need the, as FrontPage automatically configures this while connecting.

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