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Import a MySQL Database using phpMyAdmin

How do I import a backup of my database (.sql file) using phpMyAdmin?

MySQL Import and Export

I need to Export or Import a MySQL database

Managing Your DB Using phpmyadmin

A repository of information on how you can manage your database by using the phpMyAdmin interface.

MySQL Database Restore

How to Restore your MySQL Database?

Setting a Password for the Main MySQL User

I am prompted to set a new MySQL password. What does this mean and how do I change it?

Adding a column to a db table in phpMyAdmin

Instructions on adding a column to your database in phpMyAdmin

Character sets in PHP

How to Set different character sets with PHP and HTML to display correctly.

Dropping Columns from a Database Table Using PhpMyAdmin

Instructions on deleting tables from your database using phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin 404 Not Found

When logging into phpMyAdmin, why do I get a 404 not found error?

Modifying table columns - phpMyAdmin

A step by step guide on how to manipulate data in your mySQL tables using phpMyAdmin

Rename database tables in phpMyAdmin

This article will show you how to rename a database table in phpMyAdmin.

How to Copy a Database Using PhpMyAdmin

A guide to duplicating a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin

Dropping columns from a database table using PhpMyAdmin

A tutorial on how to perminately delete columns from your mySQL database using phpMyAdmin

Reset a WordPress Password with phpMyadmin

This article explains how to reset a lost WordPress password using phpMyAdmin.

Running SQL queries in PhpMyAdmin

A guide on performing a standard SQL query using the phpMyAdmin interface

How to Copy or Rename a Database

This article will walk you through the steps to copying and renaming a database with phpMyAdmin.

Searching a database in PhpMyAdmin

Step by step directions on how you can search your database using phpMyAdmin

How to Add Tables to a DB in PhpMyAdmin

Guidance on adding tables to your mySQL database in phpMyAdmin