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In this guide, you will learn about the basics of your hosting account and the many features available to you. Your hosting account is a powerful tool for you to use not only in building and managing your website, but also for email, web applications, and much more. To get started using your hosting account, this guide will show you how to transfer your domain name, set up and access your email accounts, use FTP, explore your File Manager, manage your passwords, and build your own website.

Managing Your Domains

Transferring your domain name is the first step to getting a website up and running. If you don’t already have a domain registered, you can register a new one when you set up a hosting account. Otherwise, you will want to transfer your existing domain to your new hosting account.

Accessing Your Email

You will also want to get your email account(s) set up. With your hosting account, you have access to unlimited email accounts. Once you start setting up emails, you can choose one of our three webmail clients, or configure your email on a mail client of your choosing.

Building Your Website

There are many different options when it comes to creating a website. If you already have an existing website, you can upload it to our servers and manage it through your new hosting account. If you don't have a site built yet, don't worry! It is easier than ever to build a new website. Through your new hosting account, you can use MOJO Marketplace to download a website builder or CMS to help you get your site started.

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