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Reseller - Add a package

Create a New Hosting Package

The Packages tool provides a number of options to define the limitations of the particular package. These will be the limits imposed on your customers, should they select this particular hosting package you create.

  1. Log into your Bluehost Control Panel.
  2. Click the ”Create Package” icon.

  3. Create Package

  4. New Package Name

  5. Enter the desired name. It is recommended to use a name that is easily discernible from others, so there is no confusion regarding the details, offerings and limitations of that package.
  6. Resources

    • Quota (MB): Quota should be set to anything over 1, this is megabytes so 1 GB will be 1024.
    • Bandwidth (MB): Bandwidth should be set higher than 1, this is megabytes so 1 GB will be 1024. (we recommend that this limit is set to something really high, like 30720)
      Note: Bandwidth is the amount of information that can be transferred, not the speed of which the information can be transferred.
  • Max FTP Accounts: Max FTP Accounts is the total number of FTP accounts that can be set up, its advisable to leave this as 100 or higher to keep MOJO Marketing working
  • Max Email Accounts: This is the maximum number of Email Accounts your customer can create on their hosting account.
  • Max Email Lists: This is the maximum number of Email Lists your customer can create on their hosting account.
  • Max Databases: Max Databases how many MySQL and Postgre SQL Databases that can be created, be aware of the 1000 tables per database limit, as this is enforced on resold accounts.
  • Max Sub Domains: These are not the Addon or Parked domains, which you will be capable of limiting later on. An example of a subdomain would be:
    Note: This value needs to be at least the same amount as Addon Domains you have set due to each Addon domain having its own subdomain assigned to it.
  • Max Parked Domains: Parked domains are domains that have different domain names, but display the same website as the Primary domain; it is essentially a mirror, resolving to the same content through a different domain name.
  • Max Addon Domains: Addon domains are unique domain names that are part of a common account, but do not display the same content as Parked or Primary domain(s).
  • Features

  • Advanced Settings

  • Once you have defined all the package limitations, click the "Add" button to complete the process. You may do this any number of times for any number of packages you wish to define.
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