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Moving WordPress From One Folder to Another


This article will explain how to migrate a WordPress site using ManageWP. You can also use this method to move your site to a new folder. ManageWP is both a website and plugin for managing your WordPress sites. ManageWP helps you not only migrate your site, but it is a great tool for managing multiple WordPress sites by allowing you to easily update your sites, run backups, edit your site within the ManageWp dashboard, and much more.

Please note that it is recommended that you update your copy of WordPress before continuing any further.

Install WordPress

First, you should have WordPress installed to the domain you are going to use for your site. You can install a blank version of WordPress using Mojo Marketplace in your cPanel.

Check out our article: "How to install WordPress" to see how this is done.

Setup ManageWP

Then you need to sign up at for an account. You can use ManageWP for free by going to their home page, entering your email address, and clicking Try It For Free. Once you do this, you will automatically be taken to a window where you can add your existing website to your ManageWP dashboard.

Setup ManageWP

Enter your site URL, username, and password. By doing this, ManageWP will automatically install the ManageWP plugin to your site and link the site to your ManageWP Dashboard.

Then you will need add your new website to your ManageWP dashboard as well. To do this, click Add Website on the sidebar. Once you both websites are added to your dashboard on ManageWP, you can start the migration process.

Add Website details

Migrate Your Site

  1. Click Clone/Migration in the Quick Access tool box.
  2. Clone Migrate

    You can also use the top menu and click Tools, then Clone/Migration Wizard

  3. Choose which Website you wish to migrate. Your site should be listed under Existing Website. Click the website, then Next.
  4. Select Source
  5. Once ManageWP has created a snapshot of your site, you will choose the destination. Select the site that you are migrating to, under Existing Website. Click Next.
  6. Select Destination
  7. This should bring up a new window, reiterating which website you are cloning to. If this is correct, click Clone.
  8. Clone
  9. Once the process has finished, you should be shown a message that the clone was successful. You can click Done.
  10. Click the Done button

When Using a Temporary URL

You can also follow all of these steps even if the site you are migrating to is on your Temporary URL. Once you are done with the migration, you will need to change your name servers to point the DNS here. The name servers are and

Once the DNS is pointed here, you can change the WordPress URLs to reflect your domain name instead of the Temporary URL. Both the WordPress Address and the Site Address need to be the same and changed to your domain name.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. From Settings choose General
    WordPress General Settings
  3. Then update the Home and Site URLs.
    Home and Site URLs
  4. Then you just need to save your new URL settings by saving your permalinks. To do this, you will go to your Settings and click Permalinks. You shouldn’t have to make any changes, simply click the Save Changes button. This will make sure that all of the links on your site are now using your domain instead of the Temporary URL.

    WordPress Permalinks Settings

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