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Installing Frontpage® Extensions

In 2006 Microsoft discontinued support for the FrontPage Extensions. We have decided to no longer provide for FrontPage Extensions and recommend that you use FTP or WebDAV instead.

These steps will help you install FrontPage extensions on the server so that you can publish your website using FrontPage.

FrontPage Error
  1. Make sure that 'www.' is in front of your domain name and that the spelling is correct
    Verify Domain Name is correct
  2. Login to your Bluehost Control Panel.
  3. Ensure you are on the cPanel, if not click the cPanel quicklink
    cPanel Quicklink
  4. The URL in your Browser's address bar should be something like:

    Please replace index.html with fp/index.html

    The new URL should be

  5. If the extensions are not installed yet, please click Install Extensions
    Install FrontPage Extension
  6. Once successfuly installed, a screen will display similar to the one below
    FrontPage Installation Complete

The extensions can become corrupt or broken. When this happens, they have to be uninstalled, cleaned up and installed again. Please backup any .htaccess files which you have changed before continuing with these steps

Reinstall FrontPage
  1. Select Uninstall Extensions
    Uninstall FrontPage Extensions
  2. If the uninstall is successful, a screen will display similar to the one below
    FrontPage Uninstallation Complete
  3. Click the Go Back button at the bottom. Then, click Cleanup Old Extensions.
    Cleanup FrontPage Extensions
  4. Once the cleanup is successful, a screen will display similar to the one below.
    FrontPage Extensions Cleanup Completed
  5. Click the Go Back button. Then, click Install Extensions.
    Reinstall FrontPage Extensions
  6. Once the install is successful, a screen will display similar to the one below.
    Installation Complete

FrontPage® extensions have now been installed.

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