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Assigning an Addon or Parked domain


A parked domain is a domain name that points to your main Web site on your account
For example, if is your main Web site, you can purchase the and assign it as a parked domain so that if a visitor were to type they would see the same Web site as if they had typed

An add-on domain is a domain name which points to its own folder within public_html and appears as a separate website from your primary domain.
This allows you to have two separate Web sites on your account. You can have a and then a as an add-on domain. The would be a completely separate Web site and visitors would not know that it is part of your account.

Access the Domains tab

  1. Login to your Bluehost Control Panel
  2. Click the Domains tab.
  3. Under Shortcuts click the link "Assign a domain to your Control Panel account"

Assigning the Domain Name

  1. Choose if you will assign a domain name already associated with your account, or assign a new domain name to your account.
  2. Verify ownership of the domain name, there are three ways this can be done:
    • Name Servers: Update your Name Servers to and
    • Create HTML Page: Create an HTML page on your existing host containing the text provided.
    • EPP Code: This will not transfer your domain name, but use the EPP code to verify ownership.
  3. Choose Addon vs. Parked
    • Addon Domain: An Addon domain name will function as its own separate domain name or website.
    • Parked Domain: A Parked domain name will load the same the site located in your public_html, your main domain name.
  4. Choose an Addon Directory
  5. Choose a Subdomain
    This subdomain is required for Control Panel. You will still be able to access your domain name directly.
  6. Click the "Add Domain" button at the bottom of the page to assign the domain.
  7. Once complete you should see the domain is listed in the Domains tab.
  8. Knowledgebase Article 333,148 views bookmark tags: addon domains parked (updated 201 days ago)

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