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SpamHammer is a tool we have created in house to combat spam. SpamHammer is included in all hosting account and can be enabled in the Mail section.

What is SpamHammer

Spam Hammer is a method of defending e-mail users against spam by "temporarily rejecting" or any email from a sender it does not recognize. Bluehost defers connections from mail servers we do not have in our whitelist. This simply means we ask sending mail server to try again later. This is a form of "graylisting".

If the mail is legitimate, the originating server should retry, per mail standards. This may range from 11 seconds to a few hours. After sufficient time has elapsed, the email will be accepted. This will not happen with common mail senders, such as SpamExperts, our own mail servers or as we whitelist IP's as appropriate.

If the mail is from a spammer, it will probably not be retried since a spammer goes through thousands of email addresses.

What are some spamming sources?

  • These are often virus infected home PCs.
  • Occasionally they are infected web servers (including scripts on some servers).
  • In many cases, they are a dedicated spam server with too many addresses to bother retrying. Many do retry after a few seconds (thus the +11 second requirement) when deferred.

How do I enable Spam Hammer

  1. In your cPanel, click the Spam Hammer icon in the Mail section.
    The spam hammer icon.
    The spam hammer icon.
  2. Select the domain or email address to enable it on.
    NOTE:It can be enabled for a single email address or for all addresses on a domain. Spam Hammer can only be enabled for a domain if it has email accounts.
    The save button.
    The save button.
  3. Click Save

If the domain has SpamExperts service, the domain is grayed from using Spam Hammer because SpamExperts mail servers are already whitelisted.

Although Spam Hammer will stop many SPAM emails from reaching you, there is a possibility of blocking legitimate emails from reaching your account as well. Please take this into consideration before enabling Spam Hammer.

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