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vps and dedicated hosting

by bluehost

It's finally happening. In the coming months, we will launch our groundbreaking VPS and Dedicated hosting service, powered by the legendary technology and service you love.

virtual private servers

Upgrade your shared account to experience dedicated functionality in seconds.

  • 3 simple configurations
  • resource customization
  • bandwidth protection
  • root access
  • provisioned in seconds

dedicated servers

A Bluehost server all to yourself. Enjoy complete control and your own dedicated resources.

Now in

Now in BETA

Participants get the first month for 50% off.

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cloud technology

cloud technology

These services are built from the ground up to leverage OpenStack, KVM, Intel XEON servers, and IBM-powered networking.

powered with IBM

instant provisioning

instant provisioning

We've engineered our technology to upgrade fast. Instead of days or hours, wait only minutes or seconds.

automated migration

automated migration

Existing accounts can easily upgrade to VPS or dedicated servers automatically without any delay.

super affordable

super affordable

Groundbreaking technology accessible to everyone. We'll announce pricing in the coming months. Prepare to be amazed.

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We are not only giving Bluehost a much needed makeover; we're adding new tools, products, and resources to make web hosting easier and more powerful than ever.